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Investments in the contemporary art are increasingly attracting the attention of people from different spheres wishing to preserve and increase their capital as one of the alternative investment options. As experience shows it is really an effective investment of money on condition of a thorough analysis of the factors affecting the price of objects and the popularity of the artist.

It is worth mentioning, that sometimes it happens that an artist or an art dealer unreasonably overprice an artwork. The following are the factors affecting the cost of a work.

Pricing in the world of art has its own laws. For a beginner, working in an already existing genre and style the cost of a work depends on the techniques, material, size, quality. As he advances the cost depends on his participation in exhibitions, purchasing of his works by museums and private collectors, thus the prices for his works are growing.

If an artist creates a new style or movement, the pricing depends on the following factors:

  • The uniqueness/originality of the style or the movement of the artist
  • The background of the artist in the form of:
    - participation in international exhibitions and projects;
    - holding solo exhibitions and publications in reputable catalogues;
    - recognition by critics and reputable persons in the art market;
    - the acquisition of the author’s works by museums and distinguished collectors.
  • The number of works which the artist has created (constant work of an artist is an indicator of his relevance and ability to meet the market demands concerning the amount of works)

Also the price of an artist is influenced by a gallery or an art dealer who promote him. Introducing a certain artist a gallery provides its quality assurance which is confirmed by its reputation and name. If the gallery is promoting this artist (organizes exhibitions and media exposure of his works) - it is a guarantee that the artist will not sink into oblivion and the price of his works will grow.

In this case an artist can be compared with a brand. If you believe that he will develop (by himself or with a help of a gallery) - then his works will become a profitable investment.

Attractiveness of investments in the contemporary art can be explained by the following factors:

  • The art market is not directly dependent on the securities market, and thus allows preserving and increasing capital even in times of crisis. Such times, in contrast, have an overall positive impact on the general dynamics of the art market.
  • This market is opened for investors with any start-up capital (from a few hundreds to millions of euros).

  • High yield compared with other alternative investments.

The art market has its own index: Artprice Global Index summarizes the data on the results of auctions with reference to conditional US$ 100.

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The disadvantage of this method of investments is low liquidity. To find a buyer for a painting or a collection often takes time. It is necessary to consider this fact when purchasing a piece of art. So investing in art should be considered as medium- or long-term investments.

For a person not familiar with the art market at the early stages it is better to listen to advice of professionals. The more experience in this area you have, the less is a possibility to buy an overpriced work.

The Gallery Art-ICON offers you a number of promising artists who have had a good start with a solid background and great prospects for future development. We carefully analyze the cost of the works of an artist protecting our customers from the risk of buying overpriced works.

Taras Levko
Taras Levko is a full-time member of the UNESCO International Association of ART (IAA) and the Moscow Union of artists. By now he has taken part in a large number of joint and personal exhibitions. Taras also participates in the annual charitable auction, held by the «RENAISSANCE CAPITAL» foundation with the assistance of the CHRISTIE’S auction house. Inspired by the beauty of a female body, Taras creates elegant sculptures and compositions, utilizing both realistic and abstract shapes.  Taras Levko`s artworks have been included in various private collections in Russia, Switzerland, Monaco, the USA, France, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and New Zealand. They are also exhibited in some public areas of Moscow.
Taras Levko
Anna Marinova
Anna Marinova represents the realistic school of fine arts. Anna graduated from Repin St. Petersburg State Academy of Painting, Scuplture and Architecture , where she studied easel painting under the guidance of professor V.V. Sokolov. Anna was awarded the Russian Academy of Arts medal for notable scholastic achievements. Anna Marinova`s artworks have been bought by the Christie`s and Lots Road auctions on a regular basis since January 2010. Anna has taken part in a large number of joint and personal exhibitions, her paintings have also been included in a number of private collections in Russia, the USA, the UK and Japan.  
Anna Marinova
Hadji-Murad Alikhanov
Hadji-Murad Alikhanov utilizes a large number of visual arts techniques, peculiar to various schools and styles. Colors are his main tools of artistic self-expression, they form the foundations of his bright compositions. Hadji-Murad is an honorary member of Russian Academy of Fine Arts. He has already taken part in dozens of joint and personal exhibitions, Hadji-Murad`s paintings are kept in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, the Perm Picture Gallery, the Dagestan Museum of Fine Arts and the Dagestan Museum of History and Architecture in Makhachkala. His artworks have also been included in numerous corporate collections in Russia, the USA, Scotland, Austria, Italy, France, Japan, Norway and Sweden.
Hadji-Murad Alikhanov
Alexander Dashevsky
Alexander Dashevsky represents modern realism, his incredible and large-scale artworks are astonishingly colorful and detailed. Since 1996 about 750 of Alexander`s paintings have been included into private and museum collections in Russia, the USA, Germany, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and Israel. Alexander Dashevsky has been an IFA member since 2005, he has also taken part in more than 50 personal and joint exhibitions. Alexander was included in the Kandinsky Prize long-list, the Kuryohin prize short-list, The Sovereign European Art Prize 2011 short-list and the «St. Petersburg avant-garde 2011» awards top-20.
Alexander Dashevsky
Azamat Akhmadbayev
Azamat Akhmadbayev has taken part in a large number of exhibitions both in Russia and abroad, including the exhition in the Tate modern museum (the UK), Salt Lake City, the «Erarta» museum of modern art, the Central House of Artists and Mikhail Shemyakin`s foundation. He is a professional artist and photographer, while working on his artworks, Azamat utilizes a wide range of computer technologies, as well as abstract expressionism techniques.  
Azamat Akhmadbayev
Troshkov Gennady
Gennady makes large paintings, embodying certain shapes and constructions that awake the imagination of the audience. Gennady`s works have an abstract basis and a very clear composition at the same time.
In 2003 Gennady received an award from M.Phillip Klimek Fellowships, USA.
His works are exhibited in The Puskin Museum of Fine Arts, The State Tretyakov Gallery, The Museum of History of Moscow, Pinakothek (Salzburg, Austria), The Wurt Museum (Germany), they can also be found in private collections of HYPO-BANK (Salzburg, Austria), Stolichny bank (Moscow), Alpha-bank (Moscow), IFK System (Moscow), the Würth corporation (Germany), Absolute graphics inc. (Chicago, the USA), Balenciaga collection (Paris, France), Commerzbank (Germany), the Intexa corporation (Madrid, Spain).
Troshkov Gennady
Inal Savchenko

Inal Savchenko is one of the very few artists whose paintings have become a symbol of the revolution. When in 1988 the first issue of the «Art» youth magazine was published it was a picture by Savchenkov which sent a signal of beginning a new age from the cover. Since then the artist’s works have gained demand and are now in the collections of the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), the «Tsaritsyno» museum (Moscow), Frederic R. Weisman Art Foundation (USA) as well as in private collections by Sergei Borisov and Igor Markin, Nikas Safronov.

Inal Savchenko
Ostap Dragomoshchenko

Ostap Dragomoshchenko introduces hidden expression in his urbanistic landscapes. The works of Ostap Dragomoshchenko are in St. Petersburg Russian Museum, the S.Diaghilev Museum of Contemporary Art. as well as the Art Center «Borey», the galleries and private collections in Russia, USA and other foreign countries.

Ostap Dragomoshchenko

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