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Gennady makes large paintings, embodying certain shapes and constructions that awake the imagination of the audience. Gennady`s works have an abstract basis and a very clear composition at the same time.
In 2003 Gennady received an award from M.Phillip Klimek Fellowships, USA.
His works are exhibited in The Puskin Museum of Fine Arts, The State Tretyakov Gallery, The Museum of History of Moscow, Pinakothek (Salzburg, Austria), The Wurt Museum (Germany), they can also be found in private collections of HYPO-BANK (Salzburg, Austria), Stolichny bank (Moscow), Alpha-bank (Moscow), IFK System (Moscow), the Würth corporation (Germany), Absolute graphics inc. (Chicago, the USA), Balenciaga collection (Paris, France), Commerzbank (Germany), the Intexa corporation (Madrid, Spain).

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