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1965: born in Kishinev

1980-1984 : graduated Kishinev Republican Repin Art College

1987-1992 : graduated State Surikov Academy of Arts, L.E. Kerbel Workshop

1992: member of the UNESCO International Federation of Graphic Artists

1997 : member of the Moscow branch of the Artists' Union

2008: corresponding member of the International Academy of Culture and Art

"For me sculpture is: a woman, an eternal source of inspiration, with her pliant silhouette, a man with his inner vulnerability, hidden under a mask of external strength and coarseness, something mysterios, but at the same time surrounds us in everyday life...

One thing only a Sculptor needs setting oneself a specific task, basing oneself on centuries-old experience from earlier generations, using skills, confiding in his own inner self, drawing on one's own past experiences and images, managing to hold back time by drawing it out from the Chaos of perpetual motion - just create a sculpture...

The rest will be judged by the Viewer and Time..."

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