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Hadzhi-Murad is a professional graphic artist, he lives in Moscow. He is an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts.
Alihanov`s paintings can be found in the collections of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow), the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Perm Art Gallery, the Dagestani Museum of Fine Arts (Mahachkala), as well as in some corporate and private collections in Russia, the USA, Scotland, Austria, Italy, France, Japan, Norway and Sweden.
Personal exhibitions
1979 — the «Aurora» magazine, Leningrad.
1979 — the «Yunost» magazine, Moscow.
1995 — Moscow State University (MSU).
2002 — the Central House of Artists, Moscow
2003 — the Carnegie Center, Moscow.
2005 — the «Галеrея studio», Moscow.
2006 — the «Murtuz» gallery, Moscow.
2007 — the Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2007 — the «System» gallery, Atrium, Gorky-8.
2009 — the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Zurab Tsereteli`s gallery. The latter exhibition was held with the assistance of the «System» picture gallery.
2010 — the «Way Art» gallery, Crocus City, Moscow.
2011-12 — the «Park Olympus» business center, Moscow
2012 — the Miliutinskiy Tower, the «System» gallery, Moscow.
2014 — the «ARTPLAY» Designing Center, the «East Meets West» gallery, Moscow

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