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Maria Zemchikhina was born in 1985 in Moscow.
Graduated from the School of Architecture and Design in Moscow, majoring in Painting and Academic Drawing, and later graduated from Central St. Martins college of art in London, where she studied abstraction and contemporary art. She took lessons from Russian and foreign artists.
Since 2019, Maria has been working in the abstraction genre, mixing different materials and experimenting with techniques.

“For me, painting is a meditative process with a deliberate defocusing of the vision of the surrounding world, an expansion of emotional triggers.
Through the process of adding and removing paint, I create multi-layer surfaces that interact with each other. Forms melt and flow into each other, creating dynamics and movement. Each painting conveys an expression of energy - an endless exploration of how a still image can appear to be constantly in a state of becoming. "

May 2019 group exhibition at the Kvartina Gallery, Moscow.
August 2020 group exhibition "Look inside", Moscow.
September-October 2020 group exhibition in the gallery "Here on Taganka", Moscow.
October 2020 group exhibition at Molbert Gallery, St. Petersburg.
April 2021 group exhibition "Moon" Printing shop, Moscow.
Finalist of the Abstraction2020 competition from Red Gallery.

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