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Sergey was born on the 20th of April 1983 in Kirovograd, Ukraine. His father was a serviceman. Sergey`s family moved to Yekaterinburg region and then to the Crimea, they spent four years there and Sergey`s younger brother was born during this period. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the Syskins moved to Mozhaisk, Moscow Region. In 1999 Sergey finished high school and entered Ambramtsevo College of Fine Arts and Industry named after V.M. Vasnetsov, where he learnt all basics of visual arts. Sergey studied under the guidance of V.A. Yermilov, A.A. Philippova, A.A. Mistiukova etc. In 2001 he entered the sculpture faculty of Stroganov Moscow College of Art and Industry and continued to improve his painting skills under the guidance of A.A. Drozdovsky. During the college years Sergey worked as a restorer of antique furniture, he graduated in 2004, becoming a certified artist and craftsman. However after the graduation he decided to pursue other activities and become an interior designer.  

List of exhibitions:
2014 – a personal exhibition in the «Abramtsevo» hotel, Abramtsevo, Sergiyevo-Posadsky District.
«The Crimean stories» (The Moscow Union of Architects);
«The Crimean stories. Selected works» (The Ministry of Culture of Russia);
«The Crimean stories. Selected works» (The Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation);
«The 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory» (Academy of Management of The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation);
«My dear Moscow» (The Moscow Union of Artists exhibition hall).  

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