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Ilya has been an active figure in the graffiti culture since 2005. Currently promoting abstract lettering (an offshoot of graffiti in which font composition is on the brink of abstraction, as a rule with favor to the latter), developing his own style in drawing characters and experimenting with non-objective abstraction. In all of these areas he takes the basis of geometric constructivism and tries to develop his own intimately unique style.
Ilya's art doesn’t feed only on of walls and streets, he also works with various surfaces and techniques: muralism, canvas, collages, digital art. He is a frequent participant of festivals, exhibitions, projects in Russia and abroad.

-"Others" Festival (Tyumen) 2009, 2010, 2013  
-Project "Freedom" 2009-2010  
-Montana-Jam Festival 2008 (Novgorod the Great, Saratov)  
-International Festival "Just write my name"(Moscow) 2009-2014  
-International Festival "Just write my name…Meets» 2010  
-"Battle of Three Capitols Festival (Perm) 2011
-"Long Stories" Festival (Perm) 2011  
-"Matter of skills» Festival (Moscow) 2011
-"Design Sretenka Week" 2011 (Moscow)  
-"Chistoe Pole" (Clean Field) Festival 2012, 2013  (Tarussa, Tula Oblast.)    
-"MOST" Festival 2012 (Moscow)    
-"Art-ovrag" (Art-Ravine) Festival 2012, 2013 (Vyksa, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast)  
-"Art-Weekend» Festival - 2013 (Krasnoyarsk)
-"Here" Festival – 2013 (Voronej)
-"Best City of the World" Festival – 2013 (Moscow)
-"Code red garage jam" Festival – 2014 (Moscow)
-"Artify workout" Reebok Festival – 2014 (Moscow)
-"Objects of Nature" Festival – 2014 (Kotka, Finland)
-"Saratov's Legends" Festival – 2014 (Saratov)
-"Images of Cities (Program of the Governor of the Moscow region)" – 2015 (Klin)
-A joint project of the Museum of Street Art and JK "Graffiti"– 2015 (Saint Petersburg)

Personal exhibitions:
"Dualism» MEL space. (Moscow) 2014

Group Exhibitions:
"Starry Sky" Museum and Exhibition Center 2008, 2009 (Reutov),
"Skate reconstruction" 2010 (Moscow),
"Illusions of perception" “Jivaya Ochered” Club, 2011 (Tyumen),
"Faces and Laces"(Moscow) 2009, 2010, 2011,2012, 2013, 2014, 2015,
"Metamorphosis " Moscow Darwin Museum (Moscow) 2011,
"Art-vandalism" Perm Art Residence (Perm) 2011,
"No one will buy this" А3 Gallery. (Moscow) 2011,
"Graffiti on vinyl" (Germany) 2011,
"Eco-sphere» Business-center "Alliance" 2012 (Tyumen),
"Innovative art" Museum and Exhibition Center (Reutov) 2013,
"Uncut New Wave" MSK Eastside Gallery (Moscow) 2014,
"One Format: Change" Artplay. Central Exhibition Hall. (Moscow) 2014,
"Urbanism: a city in my mind " Moscow's Museum. (Moscow) 2014,
"Dualism" Mel Space. (Moscow) 2014,
"Artmossfera" ARTPlay. (Moscow) 2014,
"ArtWall 2014: Fathers and sons" Kurehins Center. (Saint Petersburg) 2014,
"ARTify workout" Moscow's Museum. (Moscow) 2014,
"Project64" Pavilion"Optics". (VDNKh, Moscow) 2015

Organization, other projects:
- One of the participants of the charitable decorating event of recreational centers for children in the village Konobeevo (Moscow region)2010
-Assistance in supervising the festival "33 sides of perception" (Moscow) 2013
-Facade painting in one of the shops in the "Museum of street art." (Saint Petersburg) 2013
-One of the participants of the project on the Russian book of graffiti and street art "Parts of walls." 2014

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