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Alexey was born in Moscow in 1966.
He has been taking part in art exhibitions in Paris and Prague since 1992 (the «Rapid» and the «Celetná» galleries).
Alexey studied outdoor advertising and polygraphy design.
He has been participating in various exhibitions in Moscow since 1997.
In 2004 Alexey joined the Moscow Union of Artists and the International Arts Fund.
In 2013 the European Academy rewarded Alexey Shalaev with the Wassily Kandinsky medal.

Alexey has excelled at many art genres, however he prefers urban landscapes. Recreating the old Moscow in his artworks, Alexey relies on his deep knowledge of history and city architecture.
When you look at Alexey Shalaev`s pictures, you travel back to the past. Familiar and cozy Moscow streets seem even more attracting and beautiful. Warm light of street lamps, intricate shadows on the roadway, stately buildings and the overhanging tree branches, begging for rain… Alexey`s urban landscape paintings are so realistic, that every time you look at them it feels like you`re about to hear the clatter of hooves or  the clanging of the morning tram.

Alexey Shalaev`s artworks are exhibited in the Mytischi Museum of History and Fine Arts. They`ve also been included in the corporate art collections of Sheremetyevo International Airport, The Academy of Management of the Interior Ministry of Russia,  The Mosgortrans Transit Company,  JSC Zarubezhneft,  the Narodny Credit Bank,  The Special Communications and Information Service of the Federal Protective Service of the Russian Federation, The International Potassium Company, The Non-Governmental Firefighting Organization «The Pulse» etc.

Alexey`s pictures can also be found in the following galleries: the «ArtNow» contemporary art gallery, the «WAY ART» Association (rus. «ВЭЙ АРТ»), the “Centr-M” gallery, the “Arcana Gallery” (the USA), the “Avimos Art” gallery (the USA), the “King’s Gallery” (Hong Kong) etc.

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