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     Inal Savchenkov was born in 1966. His hometown is Novorossiysk. In 1982 the artist moved to St. Petersburg. In 1983 Inal joined the group "New Artists” and became a star of its subsidiary - Novorossiysk group.
     He is a member of the Friends Club named after Mayakovsky V.V. Inal takes part in public performances of the orchestra "Pop Mechanics." As an artist he worked with bands "New Composers", "Hummingbird", "Two aircrafts."
     In 1987 Inal Savchenko, together with F. Rotvaldom who worked as a sculptor, created their own band which was called "Arts Engineers". The artist founded another community - "North Pole" – to work with cinema and animation.  
     Works by this artist can be seen at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of Igor Markin (in the capital of our country), in the United States and private collections. His works were sold at Sothebey's auction in Moscow.
      Inal Savchenko participated in many exhibitions. Some of them were his personal ones:
1985 - Exhibition in St. Petersburg
1987 – Exhibition "Without a Halo" in Poland
1988 – Exhibition "New Artists” in Germany
1988 – Exhibition in St. Petersburg
1988 – Exhibition in Sweden
1988 – Exhibition "Red Wave" in Los Angeles
1989 – Exhibition "We Dream About…" in St. Petersburg
1989 – Exhibition in Los Angeles
1990 – Exhibition "The New from Leningrad” in Hungary
1991 – Exhibition in Mexico
1993 – Exhibition "Another St. Petersburg" in Switzerland
1994 – Exhibition titled "Uncertainty. Project No 3 ", held in St. Petersburg and Berlin
1994-1996 – Range of exhibitions united under the name "Identity", held in 6 cities from Kiel to Copenhagen.
1996 – Exhibition at the Russian Museum
1997 – Exhibition "Cabinet" in Amsterdam
1998 – Exhibition at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg
2001 - Exhibition at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg in the genre of painting
2004 – Exhibition "Domestic and Wild" in St. Petersburg
2008 - Painting gallery "A-Z" in St. Petersburg
2010 - Museum of Z. Freud’s dreams in St. Petersburg, dedicated to the works in the genre of painting
2010 – Exhibition "Brushstroke" at the Russian Museum
2014 – Exhibition "Russian Avant-Garde XX-XXI cc." organized by gallery Nrav in Geneva.

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