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Roman Salomatin (KREEMOS) — artist and designer from Podolsk located near Moscow. 24 years old. He prefers to work under the pseudonym Kreemos. He graduated from one of Moscow Institutions of Higher Education with major in Graphic Design.

For the first time he tried to paint on the walls of his city in 2008. Nowadays he is an active artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

He has his original approach to the graffiti painting, with an accent on typography and space geometric compositions. He paints on streets, canvases and in digital format. He works in the sphere of typography, painting, illustration, graphics and other types of art and visual communications.

Roman cooperates with various brands and spaces. He was a participant of the common projects with Esquire, Puma, Garage, Fiction, Ziq & Yoni, Absurd, Saint Petersburg Museum of Street Art, Dewars, Central House of Artists, Anteater, Flacon.

Kreemos regularly participates in exhibitions and art projects, and organizes his own ones. His works are published in both Russian and foreign magazines and blogs, such as JUXTAPOZ, Hypebeast, Supersonicelectronic, FFFFound, Digital Temple, Lamono, Code Red, Design Collector.

Collective personal exhibition of Roman Kreemos and Iuliia Efimova namedHoly Ghost took place in April 2014 in Moscow, Krasny Oktyabr.

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