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     The hometown of Sergei Potapov is Riga, where he was born in 1947. In 1970 he studied at Moscow Higher Academy of Arts and Industry (at that point of time S.G. Stroganov Moscow State University of Art and Industry). His teacher was Heinrich Ludwig, professor, who was known in the field of avant-garde. Under his influence, Sergei began to get involved in the creation of his own symbolic language that was formed by the end of the sixties.
     In the 70s the artist's style changes and gets the name of post-symbolism. The artist is actively engaged in nonconformity trend, and his works are presented at exhibitions in private apartments.
     In 1976 he became a member of the unofficial art exhibitions. And in 1980 it was his individual exhibition was held at Kurchatov Palace of Culture, which was closed by the KGB on the fourth day after its start.
     In 1981 Sergei was expelled from the graphic artist committee. In 1982 Moscow Artists Union advised the Union not to take the artist as its member. Until 1988, when recinstruction began, the artist was not accepted at Moscow Artists Union.
     In 1988 Sergei’s exhibition works recovered. The main theme in the works by Potapov is a struggle between good and evil. Potapov works in the genre post-symbolism in which he relies on his own experience.

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