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Dmitry Pirozhnikov is a young artist from Moscow, he has a degree in animation arts. Dmitry is also a well-known photographer, he has already cooperated with a large number of glossy magazines, now he has turned to painting once again. Dmitry`s artworks represent perfect abstractionism and abstract impressionism.

Abstract art is a great way of expressing your feelings on canvass, so when Dmitry felt that he needed to express himself, he turned to painting. Every picture is a unique piece of experience and it helps you to make another step towards becoming a professional artist. Sometimes if an artist starts painting a picture, keeping a certain idea in mind, intuition and emotions change the result of his work dramatically. Dmitry constantly searches for new art forms, he tries to use all the available options: at first he painted in oils, however it took very long to dry the pictures, so Dmitry switched to acrylic paint, water-colors and even spray paint. Dmitry Pirozhnikov combines various techniques, he is quite sure that Montana Black spray paints look quite decently when combined with good acrylic paints. «Paintbrushes are for weaklings!». Dmitry uses all tools he can get hands on: from plastic cards to plastic palettes, broken into two pieces. One time he got so obsessed with fine arts, that he painted on all the surfaces that were available to him: from canvasses to running shoes, a skateboard deck and a tennis racket.

Dmitry`s artworks consist of numerous layers, however they`re very harmonious. Maybe this is the result of lack of academic knowledge: Dmitry Pirozhnikov is not afraid of exploring new ways of self-expression, his abstract paintings cause rich emotions through the colors and composition.

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