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     Ilya Ovsyannikov graduated from Saint-Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy named after Stieglitz from the Faculty of monumental art. Today the artist is a member of Artists Union of Russia. He is a lecturer at the university, at which he was previously taught himself, and at the Smolny Institute of Russian Academy of Education. In addition, Ilya Ovsyannikov actively presents his works at various exhibitions and constantly receives awards at competitions.
     Ilya’s works are kept in private collections around the world.
     In 2005 Ovsyannikov created the Artists Union "Green Dog".
     In 2007 he won a grant competition in St. Petersburg.
     In 2009 he became a member of the Artists Union of Russia.
     Since 2008 the artist has been conducting lectures to students, teaching painting, drawing and composition to them.
     In 2009 he began lecturing at Stieglitz State Art and Industry Academy in Saint-Petersburg.          The following exhibitions presented works of the artist:
      In 2006 exhibitions were held at the Journalists Union, Polytechnic University, Saint-Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy.
      In 2007 works by Ovsyannikov were presented at the exhibition named "Spring ... Love" held at the exhibition hall "Smolny", as well as at the Artists Union.
      In 2008 exhibitions were held in Pskov and St. Petersburg.
      In 2009 Ovsyannikov participated in exhibition "Dialogue in the Floors" as well as in an art competition.
      In 2010 - Exhibition in Moscow dedicated to the genre of painting at the Artists Union in St. Petersburg.
      In 2011 - Exhibition "Still Life and ..." and an exhibition in St. Petersburg.
      In 2012 Ovsyannikov participated in the festival at the Russian Museum and in the contest "From What the Motherland Begins". In the same year his personal exhibition at anti-cafe FREEDOM was held. Also during that period 4 exhibitions were held, two of which were individual ones. In 2013 personal exhibitions "Pictures of Cats", "Sea", "Portrait similarities" were organized.

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