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Tatiana Nega graduated from  Repin St. Petersburg State Academy of Painting, Scuplture and Architecture, earning a degree on the history and theory of visual arts. She also attended training courses in Academy of Fine Arts.  Her artworks have been included in private collections in Russia, the UK, France, Ireland, the USA, Australia, Brazil, Portugal and Japan.

The main idea of Tatiana`s creative activities is the search for the plastic form that matches the present time. Digital art, macrophotography, slow motion videos and other techniques have inspired her to develop a unique style, that lets Tatiana control the spontaneous movement of colored masses in order to create the image of the fluent and constant self-generating vitality. Another Tatiana`s goal is to depict the interaction of the spontaneous and rational elements. We are forced to limit the spontaneity and the direct expression of feelings in accordance with the widely accepted rules and standards. Tatiana`s techniques reflect the co-existence of these antipodal forces, her work on every project consists of two major stages: free and unlimited painting with various custom tools and the final revision, when she relies on brushes.    

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