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Evgeniy cooperated with the Mitki art-group Museum (St. Petersburg) and many other museums and exhibition halls under the pseudonym Evgeniy F. Morozov. In 2011 and 2012 Yevgeny took part in the «Long Night of Museums».

During an exhibition in Korolev Evgeniy was awarded a V.A. Janibekov`s certificate of honor for his contribution to the development of cosmonautics. He also took part in numerous art fairs, for example, in the «Christmas in Mitki museum» art fair.

Personal exhibitions:
2008 – the «Dawn» exhibition ground, Volgograd.

2008 – Gorky Library exhibition hall, Volgograd.

2009 – the Mitki art-group Museum, St. Petersburg.

2010 – the «Frol`s place» exhibition, the «Appartment №13» expo hall, Volgograd.
2014 – "The White Sky of America» expo, art center, Pushinskaya str., 10.

Joint exhibitions and projects:  
2008 – the «Black Square» annual expo, held by the Artists` Foundation, the «Vernissage» picture gallery, Volgograd.

2009 – the «Vobla» exhibition, the Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts.

2011-2012 – the «MAХ1», «MAХ2», «MAХ3» contemporary art festivals, the Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts.

2009-2013 – joint exhibitions in the Mitki art-group Museum (St. Petersburg) and travelling exhibitions in Pskov, V. Novgorod, Moscow and Korolevo.

2014г. – the «Artlet» project.

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