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Arkady Morozov was born in Leningrad in 1950. Graphic artist, painter, member of the Union of Artists of Russia (1987), a member of the International Federation Artists of UNESCO, Honored Artist of the Republic of Karelia,  lecturer in Graphic workshop Petrozavodsk (since 2013).
Member of local, regional, national and international exhibitions in the field of design and visual arts. Participant and organizer of competitions, seminars, conferences and festivals. Laureate Head of the Republic of Karelia "Sampo".
Works are in the collections:
Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia, the Museum-Reserve "Kizhi", Valaam Museum-Reserve, Izopropagandy Center (Moscow), Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Center for graphics (Lublin, Poland), Municipality of Joensuu, Collection Art Gallery publishers «Kalev» (Oulu Finland), Collection "communicative art" (Brussels, Belgium), Janos Khantos Muzeum (Gyor, Hungary), Gallery "Artelli" (Joensuu, Finland), Art Galleries and Olonets, Kondopoga Resource Centre, lottery graphs Central Academy of Fine Arts (Malaysia), Collection by "UniversalPribor" (St. Petersburg), collection company "Marine computer Systems" (Petrozavodsk), Museum of contemporary Art "Erarta" (St. Petersburg), the National Center of Art and culture Georges Pompidou (Paris, France).
And also in private collections in Russia, Estonia, Georgia, Ukraine, Finland, UK, Australia, USA, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and others.
Major exhibitions in Russia:
Member of the city, national and international exhibitions since 1972
1983 "225 years of the Academy of Fine Arts" (Moscow, Leningrad)
1984 All-Union youth exhibition (Moscow)
1984, 1986 "Soviet Russia" (Moscow)
1985, 1986 Exhibition of the Union of Artists Fellows (Senezh, Moscow)
1985, 1989, 2000 "The Soviet North" (Novgorod, Murmansk, Kirov) 1986 I All-Russia exhibition of easel graphics (Moscow)
1987 I All-Union Exhibition of Easel Graphic (Moscow)
1990 I-Union Biennial of Easel Graphic (Kaliningrad)
1994 International exhibition "10 +" (Petrozavodsk)
1995 "Collection" (contemporary art Karelia 1980-1990.) Petrozavodsk
1998 solo exhibition "Time Zero" (Petrozavodsk)
1999 International exhibition "Art-transit" (Petrozavodsk)
2000 Personal exhibition "Inversion" (Petrozavodsk, Media Center "Vyhod")
2000 "World War II - the world's value" (Petrozavodsk, MII RK, City Exhibition Hall)
2000 I International Triennial of Art "Fingerprints" (Petrozavodsk, Media Center "Vyhod")
2001 Personal exhibition at the Biennale I galleries (Novosibirsk Regional Art Gallery)
2002 International Exhibition "Collage" (Petrozavodsk, GD)
I St. Petersburg Biennale
"Russian table" (Petrozavodsk, Media Center "Vyhod")
II International Triennial of Art "Fingerprints" (Petrozavodsk, GD)
"Kalakunda -rybnoe tribe" (Petrozavodsk, Media Center "Vyhod", author of the emblem of the festival)
2005 "Four Quarters". Exhibition in collaboration with A. Starodubtsev, S. Terentiev, A. Trifonov (Petrozavodsk)
"Viva artist!" Exhibition for the 60th anniversary of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan (Petrozavodsk, MII RK)
"Zaonezhie-third Rome" (Petrozavodsk, RCI)
Personal exhibition in the Railway College (Petrozavodsk) 2006
"The Many Faces of the North" works by artists of Syktyvkar, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk (Petrozavodsk, MII RK) "North-West Russia" Academic traveling exhibition for the 250th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Arts (Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg, CPA them. Fly)
"Farmland" (Petrozavodsk, GD)
2007 «Deja vu. Visual quote in Contemporary Art "(Petrozavodsk, MII RK)
"What a wonderful game" (Petrozavodsk, MII RK)
2007 «Onega palette." 45ya Republican Exhibition (Petrozavodsk, MII RK) "Left lobby" 4 exhibition at the National Theatre of the Republic of Kazakhstan, together with D. Uchuvatkinym, A. Starodubtsev, I. Rastaturin 2008 «Onega palette." 46th Republican Exhibition (Petrozavodsk, MII RK) "Left foyer" 6 exhibitions at the National Theatre of Kazakhstan, together with D. Uchuvatkinym, A. Starodubtsev, I. Rastaturin "Family Album" (Petrozavodsk, RK MII) 2008 "Russian North" tenth interregional art exhibition. Veliky Novgorod
2009 "Exhibition of 11" work of students and teachers of the International Slavic Institute (PF)
2009 "Russian North". Regional Exhibition (Novgorod)
2010 "Exhibition of three" Morozov A Klimushkin H Lytkin A. (Petrozavodsk City Exhibition Hall)
The exhibition in the management of the Russian FSB. Petrozavodsk
"In the judgment is not necessary," Solo Exhibition (Petrozavodsk, RK MII) 2011 «Onega Palette"
2012 «Random» Petrozavodsk City Exhibition Hall.
2012 «Onega Palette" 47th Republican exhibition. Petrozavodsk 2013 "Onega Palette" 48th Republican exhibition. Petrozavodsk.
2013 "Saints of the North" Exhibition St. Petersburg and Karelian artists. City Exhibition Hall.
2013 "Russian North" Eleventh interregional art exhibition. Syktyvkar.
2013 "Earth and Heaven" Museum "Erarta". Saint Petersburg.
Major exhibitions abroad:
1972 Kotka (Finland)
1983, 1985, 1995 Neubrandenburg (Germany)
1989 International Biennial of Easel Graphic "Cuprum IV» Lublin (Poland)
1990 Groningen (The Netherlands)
Los Angeles (USA)
International Festival "The worlds meet" Joensuu (Finland)
1991 Helsinki (Finland), Brussels (Belgium)
1993 International Arts Festival in Oulu (Finland)
II International Biennial of Graphic Arts in Gyor (Hungary)
Jyvaskyla (Finland), "Fourth Power" Kharkov (Ukraine), "From Russia: the death of socialist realism"
London (England), I-I Biennale art. Sarno (Italy)
1994 III International Triennial of small format graphics shemale (France)
1996 Copenhagen (Denmark)
1996, 1998 Alcoy (Spain)
1998 III International exhibition of contemporary prints Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Exhibition «Suitcases» Kotka (Finland), "Russian North" regional exhibition, Kirov
1999 International exhibition "Art-transit" Tübingen, Stuttgart, Adelberg (Germany)
2000 Group exhibition in Varkaus (Finland)
2003 International project "Train of Culture" (Karelia, Finland)
2007 Group exhibition in Tampere Joint. with V. Ivanenko and A. Trifonov
2008 Group exhibition Karelian artists in Lithuania.

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