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Oleg was born in Kostroma region. He finished the local art school and the nursery for artists. He was among the first students who had entered Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, reopened by I.S. Glazunov, Oleg mostly specialized on landscape paintings. He also attended restoration classes in Ilya Repin Academic Institute of Fine Arts. Oleg is a full-time member of the Russian Union of Artists, the Moscow Union of Artists, the Russian Federation of Artists. Oleg was rewarded as a prominent artist of the Central Federal District, he also receive the «honored artist of Russia» title. Molchanov is also a correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Arts.
Oleg has taken part in a vast number of art exhibitions since 1985.
Personal exhibitions:
1994 – Germany.
2001, 2002 – Washington D.C.
2005 – 2006 – the Russian Federation of Artists, «The landscapes of the Russian spirit» expo (2005), «The Slavic Way» (2005), «The Bright Face of Russia» (2006).
«The Slavic Way» expo: Moscow, Kiev (the Museum of Russian Art), Kostroma (the Museum of Fine Arts), Moscow (the Slavic foundation).
2006 – the «Russian spirit is in its provinces» expo, the Kurskaya Korennaya hermitage.
2007 – «The Bright Face of Russia» expo, dated for the 20th anniversary of the Central House of Artists.
2007 – The Kiev Museum of Spiritual Heritage, «The traditions of Russian landscape paintings» expo.
2007 – the I. Levitan Museum. Plyos.
2008 – Sudislavl, Kostroma region.
2008 – the «New Manezh» exhibition hall, the «Pure white» expo.
2009 – a travelling exhibition in the Central Federal Region: Kaluga, Tarusa, Orel, Tver, Ivanovo, Kostroma.
2010 – the Belgorod Museum of Fine Arts; the «Tsaritsino» State Palace Museum, Moscow; The Orel Art Gallery.
2011 – «The Three-Hundreth Anniversary of Friendship Between Russian And Montenegro» (Podgorica, Budva, Bar etc.), a joint expo with F.F. Konyukhov.
2013 – a joint expo with the sculptor A. Kovalchuk in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (06.02. – 01.03).
2013 – a retrospective exhibition in the Russian Academy of Arts exhibition halls (11.02. – 02.03).
2013 – an expo, held in Ulyanovsk Lenin Memorial (01.11 – 31.11).
2013 – The Astrakhan Kremlin Museum (05.12.13 – 15.01. 2014).
2013 – The VII International Art Festival «Traditions and the Present Time», the Central House of Artists (26.06. – 30.06.).

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