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  тел. +7 (495) 720 96 90
Has graduated from the Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy.

Before the fervor of Perestroika and the beginning of computer technologies' age he was a Head of Aesthetics' Bureau in Peresvet. When the activity lost its' point, he quit the civil service and from that time became an independent artist. Nikolay's paintings are in private collections in Russia, USA, Czech Republic, Poland, Israel, Italy, Germany etc.

He prefers to work in traditional and quite time-consuming technique of oil painting on canvas respecting all rules developed with ages. During his earlier period he usually created plein-air landscapes and portraits. Currently Nikolay is focusing on thematic series in which hyperrealistic image is combined with abstract background, and the aestheticism of an image serves as a mask of a deeper meaning: “Crucians”, “Houshold items”, “Samovars” etc.

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