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     Maria Mamkaeva was born in 1981; she is a member of the Union of Creative Artists "Painting" and a member of the Artists Union at "Applied and Decorative Arts". Works by Maria Mamkaeva were repeatedly presented at various exhibitions, including the following ones:
     2007 - "Mini-Art" in St. Petersburg. At that time she took the second prize in the competition "JUNWEX" and entered the final round in the competition "Image and Form" in St. Petersburg.
     2008 - Maria took second prize in the competition "Minute Olympus." At that year the artist participated in exhibitions in "Cityscape" and "Where Dreams May Lead".
     2009 - Exhibition in St. Petersburg, Taiwan and in Switzerland, "Benchmarks" vernissage.
     2010 - Exhibition dedicated to Christmas in St. Petersburg and other exhibitions. Maria participated in other exhibitions in different countries, including France, Switzerland, USA.
     2012 - "Diet 2012" in St. Petersburg.
     2013 - Exhibition dedicated to the New Year; Christmas exhibition at Mitki Museum and other exhibitions.

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