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Krestova Katerina was born in 1989 in Lyubertsy, Moscow region. She graduated from the design Academy named after S.G. Stroganov  in 2012. Katerina works  on personal projects, for example: "Color of Silence", "Androgynous" in painting, installations "Dreams", "Tension", "Body. Portraits of Emotions" and others. She actively participates in exhibitions in Russia and abroad, has held several personal exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don. Katerina Krestova is the winner of Russian Art Week in Moscow, the Latvian Art Week in Riga, finalist of StartInArt 2014, the winner of ArtWhoArt 2015, works with art gallery K35 in Moscow, Natan Gallery in Krasnodar. Artworks are in private collections.

     Personal exhibitions: 
Krasnodar, Russia / Gallery NATAN
Rostov-on-don, Russia / Creative Space / "Tension"
Moscow, Russia / Gallery Open Club / "I love the appearance of fabric..." / personal project by Katerina Krestova and Anastasia Moiseenko
Ufa, Russia / Gallery X-MAX / “Nerve”

Moscow, Russia / KC of Architects / Personal exhibition "Color of Silence" / 40 artworks
Moscow, Russia / KC of Architects / Night of Lumen, project "Tension"
St. Petersburg, Russia / Gallery Ligovsky 99 / "On the border"
Moscow, Russia / Transcapitalbank, Pokrovka 24 / Solo exhibition

     Group exhibitions:
Moscow, Russia / Gallery K35 / Today 23/06/15
Moscow, Russia / Art gallery Red Hills / Water / festival of young art
Moscow, Russia / ArtWhoArt / contemporary art Festival / Winner of the audience vote
Moscow, Russia / Fallery MOST / “Magic Square”
Moscow, Russia / gallery A3 /Color of Motherland, session of Moscow artists
Moscow, Russia / Art hall Southeast / Christmas Vernissage
Iran, Tehran / Institute Shahre Ketab / "Live Tremulous Threads". Exhibition dedicated to the works of L. N. Tolstoy
Moscow, Russia / exhibition of the finalists of the project Startinart, K35 gallery
Moscow, Russia / Youth exhibition of Moscow artists 
Moscow, Russia / CVSM Legacy / fluorescent exhibition of paintings
Moscow, Russia / Exhibition and Convention centre Sokolniki / Russian Art Week / 2nd place in the category of experimental art / Nude model
Moscow, Russia / Art Hall Southeast / Exhibition "Orthodox tradition" Union "Springs"
The Republic of Latvia, Riga / international exhibition-competition of contemporary Slavic art / 2 place in the «Nude model» nomination, Evdokia
Moscow, Russia / KC of Architects / fluorescent exhibition of paintings
Moscow, Russia / Starosadskij 5 / Youth MOSH
Moscow, Russia / Central House of Artist on Kuznetsky / international exhibition-competition of arts Assembly
Moscow, Russia / the Moscow Union of artists of Russia / Youth exhibition 
Moscow, Russia / gallery on Peschanaya street / Stroganov tradition
Moscow, Russia / State exhibition hall Zamoskvorechye / Young talents of Moscow
Moscow, Russia / State exhibition hall Vyhino / Stroganovs 2012
Moscow, Russia / Art Hall Southeast / exhibition of the Creative Association of artists "Springs" / Christmas Vernissage
Moscow, Russia / Central House of artists / Open view
Moscow, Russia / showroom design Academy named after.Stroganov/ Exhibition-contest "Summer air", nominated Painting
Moscow, Russia/ the First national competition-exhibition of  water transport design "Ocean of design"

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