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    Anna Krasnaya was born in 1984, lives and works now in St. Petersburg. Anna graduated from Gerzen RSPU, Department of Fine Arts majoring in "Painting".Anna Krasnaya participated in numerous exhibitions, most notable of which are the following:
    Exhibitions at the Union of Artists in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009.
    In 2005, Anna showed her work at the exhibition "Flowers", and in 2006 "Cats", which took place on Yelagin Island. At the same time there was an exhibition at the Variety Theatre, where the works of Anna were exhibited.
    Exhibitions at “MOD” in 2008. Exhibitions in the same year and in 2009 and 2010 at the Library - Information and Cultural Center of Art and Music Mayakovsky Central City Public Library on different topics.
    In the same period there were exhibitions at the small hall of "Manezh" Central Exhibition Hall. In 2008, a joint exhibition at the gallery "Art Object", entitled "Portrait of the Artist" took place.
    In 2009, there were several important exhibitions at the Museum of Urban Sculpture on women and youth subcultures, as well as in ZooM café called "Russian Pop Art", in "Throne Room" - "Two Sides".       In 2010, Anna presented to the public her works at such exhibitions as "Image of death in art", "Ball in the art" and "Nursery."
    Joint exhibition with Anna Kuznetsova and Anna Taguti in New York in 2012 should be specified. Anna’s works are in private collections in Russia and France.

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