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Komissarova Justina
2009 - graduated from the St. Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy. A.L. Stieglitz. Specialty - artist-designer. Diploma with honors. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia
Works are in the collection of the Museum of Political History of Russia, St. Petersburg; private collections in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Short list of the joint award ADD Awads 2017 The best subject design. 3rd place in the nomination "Interior Design" at the Designer Modulor-2009 Biennial. Finalist of the competition Art-Moment.G.Saint Petersburg. SPbGHPA them. A.L. Stiglitz Finalist of the "Orienteering" competition. The Small Hall of the Central Exhibition Hall Manezh, St. Petersburg The winner of the contest "Architecture of small forms". SPbGHPA them. A.L. Stieglitz. Laureate of the "Architecton" competition. The Union of Architects of Russia. Saint Petersburg.

Main exhibitions and contests:

2018 - Personal exhibition "A look into childhood." Sestroretsk. Museum in Razliv, exhibition hall Art-Resort. Together with Vadim Komissarov. 2018 - Exhibition - entry into the Union of Artists, the Great Hall of the Union of Artists, St. Petersburg. 2017- ECOart, exhibition of painting and art objects. Museum of urban sculpture, St. Petersburg. 2015- personal exhibition "7rehov +1". Artmuz, St. Petersburg. 2014- "International Exhibition-Festival of Contemporary Art" Dolce Vita. Federico Fellini: Parable and Carnival »Museum of City Sculpture, St. Petersburg. 2013 - Art-Anfas Japan. Museum of the City Sculpture of St. Petersburg2013- "Crosses". Erart Museum, St. Petersburg. 2013-personal exhibition "RAZdvoeniye". KITCHEN in St. Petersburg. 2012- "Social networks". Erart Museum, St. Petersburg. 2011 - the exhibition "Monsters. Mythological characters. " Shemyakin Foundation. 2010 - exhibition "PromArch: Conversion", dedicated to modern architecture technologies. Center for Contemporary Design. 2010 - exhibition "About cats". G. Hermitage, General Staff, Loft "Floors". 2010 - an exhibition of young artists in the framework of the festival "From the Avant-garde to Our Days" "Nadezhda-8". Great Hall of the Union of Artists, St. Petersburg. 2009 - Open Russian Architecture Festival Golden Capital 2009. Novosibirsk.2009 - St.Petersburg Biennale of Goals Modulor 2009.2009 - All-Russian creative competition Art-Moment. Exhibition in SPbGHPA them. A.L. Stieglitz 2009 - personal exhibition in "ZOOM" .2009 - competition "Objectivity inside 2009 of the magazine A3D. ru »online competition. 2009 - exhibition-competition "Landmarks", the theme "Antiquity. Archeology of meanings ". Small hall of the Central Exhibition Hall Manezh. St. Petersburg 2009 - exhibition "Gorbachev + Yeltsin", "Khrushchev + Brezhnev", "Stalin". In the framework of the project "Images of Soviet Leaders" the Museum of Political History of Russia. St. Petersburg Together with Komissarov V.V. St. Petersburg Museum of Political History of Russia, St. Petersburg.

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