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Vadim was born in Minsk on the 23rd of May, 1982. He graduated from A.K. Glebov Misnk Fine Arts College and St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry in 2003 and 2009 respectively, earning a degree in monumental and decorative painting. Now he specializes on various techniques of easel and monumental painting. Vadim Komissarov has been living and working in St. Petersburg since 2003.

List of personal exhibitions:
2013 - «The main news», the Musivum gallery (the Artplay center), Moscow.  
2012 - « Tempus Edax Rerum» within the PRO ARTE foundation festival «Modern art in a traditional museum». The museum of Russian political history, St. Petersburg.
2010 - «Object №146». The «Manezh» exhibition hall, St. Petersburg.
2009 -  «Another world». The «DiDi» art gallery, St. Petersburg.  

List of the most notable joint exhibitions:
2014 - «The season of victories!» выставка. The «Manezh» exhibition hall, Manezhnaya square, 1, Moscow.  
2014 - «The Magnetic Field». Rizzordi Art Foundation, St. Petersburg.  
2014 - «The Expectations» within the IV international biennale of young artists. Dubininskaya Str., 57, bldg.11, Moscow.
2013 - «The Crosses». The «Erarta» museum, St. Petersburg.
2012 - The Baltic biennale. RIZZORDI ART FOUNDATION, St. Petersburg.
2012 - «Ti Desidero». the Musivum gallery (the Artplay center), Moscow.
2012 - «OCULUS TWO» (within the III international biennale of young artists). The ART.RU agency, Moscow.  
2012 - the «Inconclusive analysis» strategic project within the III  international biennale of young artists. The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Moscow.
2011 - Vadim was included in the long-list of the Kuryohin Prize nominees for the best visual art.  
2011 -  «Oculus Noveni». Held by the PRO ARTE exhibition. The «Cresset» loft, St. Petersburg.
2011 - «In touch». Within the «Foundations» project. The Popov Central Museum of Communications, St. Petersburg.  
2011 - «Space». Within «The Long Night of Museums» international cultural event. The «Erarta» museum, St. Petersburg.  
2011 - «The cloak-room». Within «The Night of Modern Art in St. Petersburg» cultural event. The «Kitchen» gallery, St. Petersburg.
2011 - The «Psychedelia 3. The Power field» festival of modern art. The «Red Banner» exhibition hall, St. Petersburg.
2010 - «Super Me» . The «Kitchen» gallery, St. Petersburg.  
2010 -  The «Psychedelia 2. The House of growth» festival of modern art, the «Kitchen» gallery, St. Petersburg.  
2010 - «The image of death in art». M. Shemyakin`s Foundation, St. Petersburg.  
2009 - «St. Petersburg-Perm». Within the «Lively Perm» festival of modern art. Perm.  
2009 - «The Fliiiies». The «March» gallery, St. Petersburg.  
2009 - «Stalin». Within the «Images of Soviet leaders» project. The Museum of Russian political history, St. Petersburg.
2009 - the «Second Life». A joint installation with J. Komossarova, St. Petersburg.
2009 - «St. Petersburg-2008», the «Manezh» exhibition hall, St. Petersburg.
2008 - the «Wunderkammer». Within the «Landmarks» exhibition and art contest. The Angleterre hotel, Pavlov hall, St. Petersburg. The 3rd place.  
2008 - «St. Petersburg-2007», the «Manezh» exhibition hall, St. Petersburg.
2001 - the exhibition held by the group №23, Vitebsk.

Vadim Komissarov`s artworks have been included in the collections of the Museum of Political History of Russia and the «DiDi» art gallery, St. Petersburg.

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