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Sofia Halkidis was born in St. Petersburg. She is a full-time member of the unions of artists called «IFA» and «RGB». Sofia took part in the following shows and exhibitions:
2012 – the «Tea and Coffee» exhibition (the «Jam Hall» gallery, Kamennoostrovsky pr., 42).
2013 – Sofia took part in an open-air exhibition during the «Long night of museums 2013» in Alexander Nevsky Lavra.
2013 – «The Palisade» exhibition, Kamennoostrovsky pr., 42.
2013 – «The Washing of the Bronze Horseman» open-air exhibition.
2013 – the «Union of Free Artists» exhibition in the Malyshitsky Theatre.
2013 – the “Sensation” festival, Saint-Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex, Yuri Gagarin str., 8.
2013 – the «Barbershop» exhibition, Kazanskaya str., 12.
2013 – the «Pastoral of Sestroretsk» dated for Sestroretsk City Day.
2014 – the «Armchair Portrait… If Mattis came to see us» exhibition.
Kamennoostrovsky pr., 42.
2014 – the «Jean-Jacques» restaurant, the «Armchair portrait» exhibition.
2014 – the winter exhibition, held by the «IFA» union of artists. Nevsky Prospect, 60.
2014 – the «Armchair portrait» exhibition, held by the «IFA» union of artists, Nevsky Prospect, 60.
2014 – the exhibition in honor of Anna Akmatova in the Anna Akhmatova Museum, Liteiny Porspect, 53.
2014 – the «With and English Accent» exhibition, held in spring by the «IFA» union of artists.
2014 – the «Armchair portrait… If Mattis came to see us» exhibition, held by the creative cluster «Art-Muse».
2014 – the «Summer practice» exhibition, held by the Union of Artists. Nevsky Prospect, 60.

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