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Gleb was born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), the USSR in 1982.

In 1995 he started creating graffiti paintings with a group of street artists in St. Petersburg.

In 1996 Gleb attended fine arts and moulding classes while studying in King Edwards School in England. During that period he also participated in an art exhibition for the first time in his life.  

2004 – after having studied economy in St. Petersburg State University Gleb decided to dedicate all of his free time to fine arts instead.    

2005 – Gleb made a series of abstract photographs using the old LOMO (rus. «ЛОМО») cameras in order to study the play of light and visual perception. He tried to work in various genres: photography, graffiti, fine arts, graphic arts, video art.  

2006 – Gleb Gavrilenkov started painting in oil and decided to concentrate on the ideas of abstract expressionism.     

2007 – he attended classes, held in art studios in various countries, studying the history of abstract paintings and applied techniques.  He developed deep interest to the features of visual perception of the reality. He opened his own art studio in the center of St. Petersburg and painted a series of abstract pictures.  Gleb also started cooperating with foreign galleries and private dealers.

2008 – Gleb participated in the «Air» exhibition (rus. «Воздух») within the framework of the «Floors» loft project in St. Petersburg. This event was supervised by Irena Kuksenaite.  During this period Gleb started painting abstract pictures exclusively in oil.

2009 – Gleb Gavrilenkov participated in the «Space of silence» (rus. «Пространство тишины») exhibition, which took place in the «Red Banner» factory (rus. «Красное знамя»), presenting a series of seven artworks called «The basic spaces» and the «Processor» art installation. The event was supervised by Anastasia Shavlokhova. During that year Gleb also participated in several minor art exhibitions and events.

2010 – a series of Gleb`s abstract paintings in oil was exhibited in the «Mocher» gallery in Paris. He also started cooperating with «Bruce Lurie Gallery», based in Los Angeles.

During that period Gleb also came back to clay modeling in order to study the principles  of emergence of artistic images in one`s imagination and their connections with real objects. He also started developing new abstract painting techniques, using oil paints exclusively.

2011 – Gleb participated in an art exhibition with his series of works «The full point doesn`t symbolize the end» (rus. «Точка – это еще не конец) and «The speech of the universe and the language of perception» (rus. «Речь вселенной и язык восприятия»). Later these series were included into a private collection, based in Rome.

2012 – Gleb Gavrilenkov took part in the Miami Art Basel fair. That year 10 of his artworks were demonstrated during a private exhibition in Tbilisi, Georgia.   

2013 – the «Crosses» exhibition in the Erarta contemporary art museum (rus. «Эрарта). The event was supervised by Artyom Magalashvili. Gleb`s pictures were also exhibited during the L.A Art Fair.

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