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Daria Gamulina was born June, 29 in 1987. In 2013 she graduated f the Stieglitz Art and Industry Academy of Saint Petersburg Daria was studing a book illustrations, also durind 6 year she was studing a fashion design. In 2009 she took part in a city competition of the young designers; like a winner she was awards a trip to Venice as a price.
Daria took an active part in Academy’s excibitions; put a lot of effords in studynd differents materials and increasing technical and graphic skills. In 2013 she was a champion of the fashion designer competition “Russian Silhouette” http:; her collection was devoted to Santiago Calatrava’s architecture. As a price she was sended to Paris to  “Albatros” studio for studying a scenic costume. After it she worked on her personal excibition which took place in June, 2014. Worked a lot in theatres and Cinema as artist of scenery,also was a partisipant of numerous  young underground projects.
Excibitions list:
June, 2014-personal excibition in “Dvoika” gallery
May, 2014-excibition “Attention” in the loft-progect “Etagi”
2013 – exhibition Taiss art gallery,Paris
June 2013 – Grand Prix winner of the «Russian Silouette» competition with collection “Santiago”  in Saint-Petersburg
October, 2013-Gostiniy Dvor excibition’s participant in fashion Show in Moscow-with her own collection.Russian Siluette Moscow
June, 2013- Graduate of the Stieglitz Art and Industry Academy of Saint 
Petersburg. Common excibition with academics and graduating students
June, 2013-costume excibition participant in studio “Albatros”, Paris.
2012-2011-a participant of excibition in Rimskiy-Korsakov conservatoire, devoted to ballet.Grand Prix winner.

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