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Daria Gamulina was born in Ukraine, received her academic art education in St Petersburg and is
currently studying for her Masters at Central Saint Martins College in London. She call herself an explorer of
dark holes, and considers that art it is only thing that remains after us.  In her own unique way, she likes to
mix classical traditions and provocations, social and personal , tragedy of posthuman era and hope. 

In her art, you can see human feelings without human depiction. She uses grey peyna oil paints
which give you the feeling that is it painted using ash. Her work is full of nostalgia and hope. This gives a feeling of the
fragility of life and also its beauty. Daris’s main areas of interests are: posthumanism, the future, randomness of victims, the vulnerable
side of beauty, mammals and corals, animal rights, multimedia installations, oil paintings, and performance
and activism.

Daria has participated in European art fairs such as the Suomi Art Fair (FI, Helsinki) and the SWAb
in Barcelona Art Fair. Her art works are also housed in private collections around the world.

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