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Mikhail was born in 1990 in Belebey, the Republic of Bashkortostan (a federal subject of Russia). Now he lives and works in Moscow. During his creative development Mikhail gradually switched from realism to abstract art, developing his own distinctive style in the process. He tends to use simple regular forms and express the environment in several colored rectangles on the canvass, these are the main features of Mikhail`s artworks. The artist transforms, merges and minimizes natural forms and volumes, creating a color plane, which is similar to the one we see when riding a higher-speed rail and looking through the window, when various objects merge, forming a single color plane.  
List of exhibitions:
09.01-11.01 the joint exhibition «Sorry, we are not done yet» (rus. «Извините, но это еще не всё»),  the Art Residence (rus. «Арт-Резиденция»), Povarskaya str., 20
01.08-29.08. the personal exhibiton «The Foam of Days» (rus. "Пена дней"), the concurrent program of the 4-th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, the «» agency
22.11-07.12   the joint exhibition «Artists for the «Anton tut ryadom» center», the Novy museum, St. Petersburg 
17.07.-11.08. the joint exhibiton "Workshop 2012: the rejected reality». The concurrent program of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the 3-rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary art, the «ARTPLAY» design center, Moscow

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