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Yuri was born in 1968. He developed a deep interest in lapidary art when he was studying geology in Moscow State University. After Yuri graduated in 1993, he went on to develop this hobby, cooperating with his friends from Penza: German Feoktistov, Igor Zeynalov and Pavel Grozov, all of them were sculptors at the time. The point of their cooperation was improving bronze sculptures using ornamental stone. The quartet has created a number of animalistic pieces of art, approved not only by collectors, but also by the jury, consisting of world class professionals: Yermakov, Feoktistov, Zeynalov and Grozov achieved a first degree diploma in the jewelers` contest, timed to Charles Faberge`s 150th anniversary in St. Petersburg. Their works are also exhibited in various museums (the Museum of History of Moscow etc.) and private collections in Russia, Sweden, the USA, Japan, the UK, France, Angola etc. Yuri joined Russian Union of Artists in 2001.

Yuri`s works that can be found in the «Art-Icon» art gallery, have been created using the sketches by Eva Yermakova, this duo won a silver medal in the jewelers` contest called «Jewelry Olympus», that was held in Saint Petersburg manege in 2010.  

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