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Liudmila was born in 1986 in Astrakhan, on the Volga in the South of Russia.
In 2005 she was graduated with distinction from the Vlasov College of Art in Astrakhan, where I was twice awarded the Governor’s Scholarship.
From 2005 to 2011 she studied in the faculty of painting of the Surikov Moscow State Academic Institute of Art, in the workshop of Evgeny NikolaevichMaksimov and Ivan LeonidovichLubennikov, and graduated with a special commendation from the Institute’s examining commission. She learned techniques including oil painting, graphic arts, fresco, mosaic and sgraffito from such famous artists as Troshev, Maksimov, Lubennikov, Ponomarev, Zhilinsky, Gavriliachenko,
In 2011 she also graduated from Mosfilm as a production designer, and in the same year she worked on my first film as production designer, at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography.She continue to work in the cinema, which has been and is a source of inspiration for my work in other media. New experiences, travel, analysis of my surroundings, experiments in new techniques – these are the other inseparable elements of my life as an artist.
She have exhibited her works at the Russian Academy of Arts, the Moscow Union of Artists of Russia, the State Solyanka Gallery, and the Vysotsky Museum. In 2011 there was an exhibition of my works at the House of Journalists
Here works are in private collections in Russia and internationally.

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