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Broadcast, materialize, create and split - this is the modus operandi of the New Age artist, Maksim Emelianov. A master of the arts and planet, gives us a sign with his hands inviting us to the next level, a new way of perceiving and understanding the world. In the paintings of the artist, high aesthetics and wild roots have found a common ground, captured in a point. Emelianov demonstrates the immense potential of this point, magnifying it to a perfect circle and the splitting up of unstable anti matter, frozen echo of the plane. Behold and recognize the music of harmony and chaos. 
Media Art Lab Open School 
Cultural Studies, Moscow University for the Humanities 
Personal Exhibitions:
2013 - "Kollamamjhin", Sochi Art Museum, Sochi
2013 - “Veterans Remember", the Palace of Culture ZIL, Moscow
2011 - "India Black & White", "Nepal", "Soup" cafe, Moscow
2009 - "Red Hair And Blue Eyes" (photo, video, music), "Mesto" concept store, Moscow
2008 - "Debut collection", "Photo Center" of Union of Journalists, Moscow 

Group Exhibitions:
2014 - “Plums - Subject the Object”, Artplay, Moscow
2014 - “I Scream Factory”, Hoxton Gallery, London
2014 - “Apnoe”, Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin
2014 - “Eyes - magnifying glass”, Museum & Exhibition Centre ‘Worker & Kolkhoz Woman’, Moscow
2013 - “Saturnalii”, MosHaos, Moscow
2012 - "I Scream Factory", Victoria & Albert Museum, London
2012 - "Characters", Moscow Theatre of the Young Spectator, Moscow
2011 - Like Fest, Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, Moscow
2011 - Save Baikal, International Military Music Festival “Spasskaya Tower”, Red Square, Moscow
2010 - Black Rabbit Night, Mosproekt club, Moscow
2008 - Art Parade, Loft Project "Etagi", St. Petersburg

Afisha, Burger, Baku, F5, L `Officiel, Collezioni, Tatler, Vogue,
Billboard, Chief time, I Want,,,,,,,,,,

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