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After finishing school in Rostov-on-Don in 1993 Vladimir Dudkin entered Southern Federal University in order to study graphic arts. He participated in the exhibitions of student`s graphic artworks.
In 1999 Vladimir graduated from the university and in 2000 he went to Moscow, searching for career opportunities. The early 2000`s were the golden age of spray art, so Vladimir started experimenting with this genre, combining it with decorative painting. His style can be described as graphic neo pop-art with certain elements of postmodernism.
Vladimir Dudkin has been taking part in various young artists exhibitions held both in state and private art galleries since 2009. He also cooperates with several internet-based galleries.
Vladimir doesn`t only paint pictures: he`s also an illustrator, interior decorator and a furniture designer. Since 2008 Vladimir has also been working in film industry as an art-director and art assistant, contributing to both television series and full-length movies. According to Vladimir Dudkin, he can easily find time both for the film industry and creative activities, he still takes part in exhibitions.

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