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Dmitry was born in Krasnogorsk in 1965.
He received primary education in Trepakov art school (Krasnogorsk). Dmitry`s first personal exhibition took place in 1984, when he was a full-time student in Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography. In 1987 he entered the Art Academy of Latvia (the Republic of Latvia) and studied advertising design for two years extramurally.
From 1986 to 1991 Dmitry Drozdetsky painted more than 120 pictures and over 360 graphic artworks, most of them have been sold, presented as gifts or lost.
From 1991 to 1993 Dmitry worked in the state publishing house «The Book» (rus. «Книга») as an illustrator.
Since early 90`s Dmitry has been a member of the «Image» artist association (rus. «Лик»), since then he has taken part in a large number of various exhibitions, organized by this association.
Dmitry Drozdetsky has been taking part in the «Mitki» (rus. «Митьки») movement since 1994. He is also co-chairman of the «Red Sailor» art association (rus. «Красный Матрос»).
Dmitry`s artworks are exhibited in the “Homo Volatikus” picture gallery on a permanent basis, temporary exhibitions take place in 15 Russian cities regularly.

Dmitry is a full-time member of the Russian Union of Artists and the International Arts Fund.

His artworks have been included in many private collections in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, France, Italy, Finland, the USA, Japan, Germany, Holland, Austria, the UK, Belgium, Spain, Cuba, Israel etc.

Dmitry Drozdetsky has illustrated over 50 books.

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