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Ostap Dragomoshchenko was born in 1969. His native city is St. Petersburg. His works can be seen in Russian Museum and private collections in the cities of Russia, America and Europe.
The artist has participated in numerous exhibitions, including:
1989 - "Black and White Exhibition", "Sabotage" and "In Memory of Mayakovsky", St. Petersburg
1989 - "From the Unofficial Art to the Reconstruction"
1990 - "Territory of Art", "First Biennial of Contemporary Art", St. Petersburg
1991-1992 - Exhibitions in Moscow
Also in St. Petersburg from 1992 to 1993 there were held several exhibitions of the artist, devoted to different topics.
1992 – Exhibition “Art-Hamburg" in Hamburg
1993 - Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod dedicated to the festival named after A.D. Sakharov "Inkombank Exhibition", St. Petersburg
1997 - Exhibition in Warsaw
2006 - "A New Day for the City," State Museum of City Sculpture, St. Petersburg.
2014 - "Russian Avant-Garde of XX-XXI cc." exhibition organized by Nrav gallery in Geneva.
     Ostap also presented his works at other exhibitions in different cities around the world.

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