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Nikolay was born on the 5-th of March, 1985, in Yugorsk, Tyumen Region, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area.  
He graduated from Yugorsk Institute of Fine Arts in 2005.
2005–2011 –From 2005 to 2011 he attended the graphic faculty of Repin St. Petersburg State Academy of Painting, Scuplture and Architecture and studied book graphics under the guidance of A.A. Pakhomov.  
List of exhibitions:
2006–2011 – the «Young Talents» exhibition (rus. "Молодые таланты"), held in the Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum.
2007 – the young artists` exhibition «We cherish all ways» (rus. «Нам любые дороги дороги»), held in the  Veliky Ustyug State Museum Reserve of History, Architecture and Art.
2007 – the international ex-libris contest «il Bosco Stregato», Italy.
Nikolay has been taking part in annual exhibitions, held by the St. Petersburg Union of Artists, since 2008.
2009 – the «Search for a living soul» (rus. «В поисках живой души») exhibition, held in the A.I. Kuprin Library in Gatchina and dated for the bicentenary of N.V. Gogol`s birth.  
2009 – the VII International «Ex-libris» contest, Poland.  
2010 – «The Days of Piontek» (rus. «Дни Пионтека») and «The human and the environment» (rus. «Человек и среда») exhibitions in the V.V. Mayakovsky library, St. Petersburg.
2010 –  "The 8th Seoul fine arts competition", Seoul, South Korea.
2010 – The «Russian Academy of Fine Arts» exhibition, Guilin, China.  
2011 – The VII art contest «Landmarks» (rus. «Ориентиры»), St. Petersburg .
2011 – Nikolay became a full-time member of A.A. Pakhomov`s workshop in the graphic faculty of  Repin St. Petersburg State Academy of Painting, Scuplture and Architecture.  
2012 – the «Na POLE On!» (rus. «На ПОЛЕ Он!») modern art exhibition within the «Art.Full face» festival (rus. «Арт.Анфас»), the Lazarev Gallery, St. Petersburg.  
2012 – the «Free art» exhibition, Junhan, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, China.
2012 – the «Social networks» exhibition (rus. «Социальные сети»), the Erarta modern art museum, St. Petersburg.  
2012  – the «Crosses» exhibition (rus. «Кресты»), the Erarta modern art museum, St. Petersburg.  
2013 – the «400 years of the House of Romanovs» exhibition (rus. "400 лет Дома Романовых"), the St. Petersburg House of Artists exhibition hall.
2013 – the «Bashkirtsev and his followers» exhibition (rus. "Башкирцев и ученики"), the Italian exhibition hall of Repin St. Petersburg State Academy of Painting, Scuplture and Architecture.
2014 – Nikolay joined the Russian Union of Artists.
2014 – the «Fine Arts» personal exhibition, the St. Petersburg Union of Artists exhibition hall. 2014 – the «Section in art» exhibition (rus. «Разрез в искусстве»), Mikhail Shemyakin`s Foundation, St. Petersburg.
2015 – the V international portrait contest «Portrait Now!», the Erarta gallery, St. Petersburg.
2015 – the «Petersburg. 70 years without war» exhibition (rus. "Петербург. 70 лет без войны"), the «Easel» gallery (rus. «Мольберт»), St. Petersburg.  

Nikolay Chiryatev`s artworks are exhibited in The Russian Academy of Arts Museum, The Kirishi Museum of History and Local Lore and A.S. Pushkin Museum-reserve. They`ve also been included into numerous private collections in Russia, the USA, China, South Korea, Poland, Italy and CIS countries.

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