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If you would like to have a unique art work of a contemporary author or a copy of a world famous masterpiece in your collection, you may commission a portrait, a picture, a sculpture,a mosaic or a stained-glass artwork. Miscellaneous techniques works of our artists are exposed in the galleries below. You may look through the works and choose the most appropriate technique.

Price of a picture is formed by several components: deadlines, material, size and decoration.

Portrait commission

There are many portrait techniques: from realism to impressionism, from hyperrealism to pop-art. A portrait may be made from a photograph or from life.

Picture commission

You may commission either a replica of a world famous masterpiece or a picture with your own design. We offer high quality and tight deadlines at affordable prices.

Sculpture, mosaic, mural or stained-glass artwork commission

Sculpture, mosaics, stained-glass artworks, wall-paintings can personalize and harmonize the space around, make the design original, cozy and unique.

You may also order a gift certificate for any sum up to 5000 Rubles. A picture will be a perfect present on any occasion both for men and women, as well as for your boss and colleagues. It is definitely pleasant to be presented with an art object, but it is even more pleasant to make your own choice according to own taste and preferences.


If you would like to decorate a picture with a FRAME or commission interior or exterior design, we advise you to contact our partners, who have proved themselves to be reliable. You will get a 10% discount for their services if you purchase a picture from our gallery.

For consultations please call our specialist on the following number +7(495) 720-96-90 Or fill in below form and one of our specialists will contact you within shortly

Before commissioning a picture, a portrait, a mosaic, a sculpture or a wall-painting, have a look at the works of our artists in the sections above. This will help you understand which technique meets your requirements best of all.
By concluding a contract for services, Art-ICON gallery guarantees high quality and timely execution of the work by the artists.
Choose an artist for an artwork commission, then have a look at his portfolio, consult on deadlines and price of the work. After that you will be able to decide whether this artist is right for you.

We also offer artists cooperation. Send photos of your works to

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