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     Dmitry was born in Belovo.
     He is a member of the Association of Creative Artists. In addition to the interest in fine arts he is also engaged in photography. As a teenager Dmitry participated in a student exchange program in Alaska. While receiving his secondary education, he attended painting and photography classes.              
     Dmitry graduated from high school with specialization in international law. At the same time he worked as a photographer.
      In 2010-2011 he completed courses in television production and journalism at Higher School of Economics of State University and at New York Film Academy.
     Dmitry was awarded a grant for studies in Los Angeles.
     In 2012 he began his career in the field of art in the genre of painting.
     Dmitry’s works represent brightness and innovation and are filled with new solutions both in composition and in coloristics. With the use of bold, fresh techniques and forms, the works of Dmitry Kapshivyy represent a quite special vision, not limited to conventions of the modern world.
    The artist works in the style of Russian avant-garde.
    As a photographer, he creates unique, original works full of life and having their own history.             Currently the artist lives in Moscow.

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