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Peter Gerasimenko AKA Peter was born in 1984 in Zhukovsky, Moscow region. He is a member of the «Aesthetics» team.  He has been studying the art of graffiti for more than ten years, by now Peter has established the reputation of one of the most respected graffiti artists. During this period Peter`s artworks and his very approach have changed a lot. His current style is based on the legacy of constructivists and suprematists, now Peter represents the vanguard of the Russian graffiti movement. Peter Gerasimenko`s print compositions might seem quite abstract, although they`re still influenced by the classical traditions of the graffiti art, most of his artworks are based on his own nickname.  Peter spends a lot of time travelling around Russia and participating into various festivals, exhibitions and masterclasses. Over the past few years Peter`s artworks have received positive reviews in European and American blogs, it indicates that he has developed a distinctive style and that his paintings are likely to be in good demand abroad.  
Peter strives for constant development of his skills and self-realization, he plans to supplement graffiti with paintings on canvasses and other surfaces.

List of joint exhibitions and festivals:
-Snickers Urbania 2004 (Moscow), the 1st place.  
-Nescafe Pure Energy 2003, 2004 (Moscow), the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd places respectively.
-The Mifp Festival (Moscow), 2004.
-The «Meetings of styles» international festival, 2004 (Gomel).
-The «Splash» international festival (2006 – 2008, 2012), St. Petersburg.  
-Write4Gold (Moscow): the 3rd place in 2006, the 3rd place in 2009 among all teams from Russia and the CIS countries.
-The «Others» festival (Tyumen), 2009 , 2010, 2013.
- The «Freedom» project, 2009-2010.
- The «Montana-Jam» festival, 2008 (Velikiy Novgorod, Saratov), 2009 (St. Petersburg), 2010 (Tyumen).
- The «Just write my name» international festival (Moscow), 2008, the 1st place; 2010, 2011, 2014.
- The «Just write my name…Meets»  international festival,  2010 (a team project).
- Graffiti analysis: Russia, 2010, a colored graffiti-show.
- The Evan Ross project (the USA), 2010.
- The «Battle of the three capitals» festival, Perm, 2010, the 2nd place.
- In 2011 Peter worked as a referee during the «Long Stories» festival in Perm.
- The «Matter of skillz» festival  (Moscow), 2011.
- The «Mir RAP» festival (Москва), 2011.
- The «Design Sretenka Week» festival, 2011 (Moscow).
- The «Open Field» festival , 2012, 2013 (Tarusskaya, Tula region).
- The «Art-gully» festival (rus. «Арт-овраг»), 2012, 2013 (Vyksa, Nizhni Novgorod region).
- The «Art-Weekend» festival, Krasnoyarsk.
- The «Here» festival (rus. "Здесь"), 2013, Voronezh.
- «Week-End RAW Circles», 2013, Paris.
- «The best city in the world» festival (rus. «Лучший город земли»), 2013, Moscow.  
- «The Objects of nature» festival, Finland, 2014.

List of personal exhibitions:
-«The starry sky», the Reutov museum and exhibition center, 2008-2009, Reutov.
- The «Skate reconstruction», 2010, Moscow.
- «CODE RED X Puma Creative Factory», 2010, Moscow.
- «The Illusions of perception», 2011, Tyumen.
- «Faces and Laces» 2008 - 2014, Moscow.
-  «The metamorphosis», The State Darwin Museum, 2011, Moscow
- «Art-vandalism» 2011, Moscow.
- «Nobody will buy this», the «AZ» gallery, 2011, Moscow.
- «Graffiti on vinyl», 2011, Germany.
- «The Eco-sphere», 2012, Tyumen.
- «The Innovative art», 2013, Reutov.
- A private exhibition held exclusively for Mark Parker (Nike CEO), 2013, Moscow.
- «In the visibility zone», «The Muscovite» cultural center, 2013, Moscow.
- «Uncut New Wave», the MSK Eastside gallery, 2014, Moscow.
- «The Traffic area», The «PPERM» museum of modern art, 20

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