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Fedora was born in Kiev in 1987. She graduated from Institute of Printing Technologies in 2008, achieving a degree in book graphics.
In 2011 she entered Academy of Arts to study dramatic art.  
Fedora`s artworks have been included into a number of private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, South Korea and the USA. They`re also exhibited in the Erarta gallery in St. Petersburg.
Up to this point Fedora Akimova has participated in the following exhibitions:  
- «Alice in Wonderland» (rus. «Алиса в Стране Чудес»), the StArtGallery (St. Petersburg),01.2012.
- The «Liberty» gallery (rus. «Либерти», St. Petersburg). The long-term exposition «Girls and statues», 07.2012 – 11.2012.
- «Barbizon of St.Petersburg» (rus. "Петербургский Барбизон", December 2012), Fedora`s first personal exhibition, held in «The Stray Dog» art cellar (rus. «Бродячая Собака»).
- «The Inhuman Idyll» exhibition, the MArt gallery, September 2013. сентябрь 2013.

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